Allstate Services offers a varied spectrum of environmental and safety training...including CDPH lead training, EPA lead training, and Cal-OSHA Asbestos courses.  

Environmental Consulting

  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Mold

Steve Travers is Vice-President of Allstate Services.  His experience dates back to 1985 as one of the leaders in the industry. He is certified as a lead inspector/assessor, project monitor, project designer, supervisor and a certified asbestos consultant.  His responsibilities include day to day operations of the asbestos and lead consultant activities.

Our Instructors

Lead Paint Testing Services in Los Angeles

Stacey Milano serves as Training Director of Allstate Services.  She is certified as a lead inspector/assessor, project monitor and a certified asbestos consultant.  She devotes time to asbestos and lead consulting services as well as training.

Offering quality and personal service.


Allstate Services is committed to providing quality environmental services to our clients.  No client is ever too small or too large. With "service" in our name, we have set high standards in the environmental industry with our timely and cost effective strategies and customer-service approach. 

Professional Environmental consulting and training